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BA (Pol Sci with distinction), BA Hons (IPL and INL), BSocSci Hons (Psychology with distinction), Masters in Clinical Psychology (with distinction), MNZCCP

Natalie is a Registered Clinical Psychologist living on the North Shore in Auckland. She has a background in management consulting prior to embarking on her fulfilling career as a clinical psychologist more than a decade ago. Natalie’s experience lies in working with a diverse range of adolescent and adult clients in both community and in-patient settings, and she currently divides her time between her role within Te Whatu Ora on the North Shore and her private work which includes ACC sensitive claims clients.


Natalie is fascinated by the complexities that comprise the human experience, the ways in which we make sense and meaning of this, and specifically when these lead to situations of misalignment or distress for the individual. Natalie’s focus and interest is in working collaboratively with clients in their pursuit of achieving optimal health, wellbeing, purpose and meaning through the exploration of self and the identification and integration of effective tools, techniques and strategies in order to achieve this.


Natalie’s approach is holistic, integrative, and pragmatic drawing from various modalities and paradigmatic approaches in accordance with what is most suited to the individual client. These modalities and interventions include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy, Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT), Trauma-Informed Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Positive Psychology, as well as addressing concerns of a more practical nature including exercise and nutrition.

Our People: About Me
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